Saturday, January 30, 2010

For Poppa

Here is a YouTube video from later today.


Dover got snow! It has been several years since we have gotten this much snow. And surprisingly it is snow and not ice. This is the first time that Jackson has ever really been able to play in it. He couldn't stay out too long because he was so cold, but we will go back out later.

Trying to build a snowman

Throwing snow on Daddy

Let's Go Peay!

As an Austin Peay State University student and employee, I feel that I should start supporting the teams. My sister's family and my family decided to attend a basketball game. Jackson really enjoyed the game. He was shaking his pom pom and everything. Before we went he was so excited because he thought that BB was playing. He really loves to go to her games. Hopefully we can start attending more functions of APSU.