Friday, May 3, 2013

The horrible, no good, very bad day

So today my husband had to go to court over his parenting plan with his ex-wife.  Just a little history about this woman....She is completely psycho.  There are really no other words that would describe her perfectly like this one does.  She is the worst human being I have ever met in my life.  She doesn't care about her children and only wants the child support money.  He has two children with her.  She drops them off at the house randomly and pulls out of the driveway before she even sees them walk in the house.  She has no clue if we are home or not.  DCS has been called on her numerous times because of pills that were found in her car but nothing has happened.  She brings the children over in flip flops during the winter and most of the time the children are not wearing underwear or socks.  She receives child support regularly but uses it to get her nails and hair done.  She doesn't pay her bills.  The children have sometimes been with electricity and the house and car is under bankruptcy.  But apparently the judge in our area sees her as a fit mother.  They went today to court to revise the parenting plan and the judge took even more days away from my husband and ordered $160 more in child support every month.  I am so sick of this.  I guess our only option is to save up enough money for an awesome lawyer and drag her through the mud to get full custody of the children.  I don't know what the judge is thinking.  I feel bad for the kids because they are the ones that are going to hurt the most from this. 

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