Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So I still haven't unpacked everything.  My garage and basement look like a storage shed.  But I have the essentials out and it feels like home.  I think the family loves it.  We have started having our summer bon-fires out at our place.  So why am I so stressed?  Because we are BROKE!  Moving really takes a lot of money.  We are trying to play catch-up from all the connection fees. Hopefully next month we will be on track again.  But we added a new car payment to the bills also.  My husband was needing a truck so I traded in my SUV for him a Sierra Z71.  By trading in the SUV that left us with nothing that would fit the enormous family I have.  So I did it....I became a minivan mom. It is different from driving a massive SUV but I will become used to it.  The gas mileage is GREAT!!  It is going to save us some money with me driving 70 miles a day to work.  And did I mention that the truck and the van are the exact same color?  Yeah, we match.  But this is as far as it goes.  I hope we don't start dressing alike.

Also trying to quit smoking.  On day 5 of Chantix so I will keep you updated.

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