Friday, April 12, 2013


Have you ever just sat and watched people as they pass by?  At work I am sitting in a very public area for customer service purposes.  I am not going to go into how stupid I think this is because we never have anyone come to us with questions.  But for the last 4 hours I have been watching the different people come in and out.  Right now there is a white guy with dreadlocks walking along with an average looking white girl.  Not a combination you would expect, right?  But people can surprise you.  Generally I see nice looking people with other attractive people.  We have the tendency to attract and be attracted to like minded and looking individuals.  But when I see an attractive model type girl with a nerdy looking boy, it makes me feel better about the human race.  There are people out there that can see beyond looks.  Just because you don't dress the same way or have the same amount of money, people can still have a genuine attraction.  Me and my husband are examples of this.  We both come from middle class families but his choice of style is very different than mine.  Just today he texted me a picture of him in the mirror donning overalls.  I am attracted to this country boy even though we are completely different.  He enjoys being outside, working on cars, camping, riding horses, etc.  I on the other hand have never really had any interest in these activities.  I have always really been a homebody.  But because of our differences we have broadened each others experiences.  He teaches me things about farming and I can teach him things about how people think.  I am a sociology major so the inner workings of the mind and how environment affects people are my passion.  I have helped him understand people and learn to deal with issues.  We don't always work well together but who does?  So next time you see that geeky boy or redneck, give him a shot.  Who knows he might just be your prince charming.

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